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Why choose University of Leadership Studies?

Because our mission is to enrich local and global communities by providing educational opportunities, intellectual stimulation, and services of high quality to professionals striving to succeed in a diverse and dynamic society.

The university's programs are rooted in the concepts of quality education and quality service and the commitment to point graduates to a leadership position in their field of choice.

A Word From The President

A letter from the President of the University of Leadership Studies.

Admissions and Enrollment Procedures

We believe that working professional deserve high quality education.

Mission Statement

The mission, purpose and objectives of the university.

Program Descriptions

University of Leadership Studies offers Master and Doctorate in Leadership Studies.

A Word From The President

The advancement of technology demands new learning of individuals in every society. In the U.S. today, new technologies create changes in the business environment, generating a need for us to become consumers of new information. Attending university enables us to better utilize this necessary information, helping us to get ahead in the business world and the professional environment. Serving in various business organizations over the past twenty years has convinced me that traditional types of business education are neither effective nor convenient for those working professionals who do not desire to leave their careers to complete their degrees. Clearly, attending classes after a hard day of work is at the very least an inconvenience for most people. University of Leadership Studies (ULS) was founded in response to the growing need for a creditable "non-traditional" educational format in Leadership Studies. Our faculty has developed a high quality distance learning program that is professionally relevant to your career and personal life. The program allows you to study at home or in your office, and at your own pace while interacting with your professor by phone, fax, mail and electronic mail. Our programs are innovative, flexible and highly practical, providing the business and managerial knowledge that you need to master the rapid changes in your professional organization.

If people look to you for leadership, if you aspire to take the lead, or if you are responsible for leadership within your organization, we can help you to size up the challenges facing you. We can help you become a better leader. To understand and practice this curious, simple, complex thing called leadership you need to interrogate it from many different angles over a sustained period of time. Our Leadership programs are much more focused than a general business degree, designed for people facing these challenges for real.

We place considerable emphasis on exploring and understanding contemporary leadership issues and include strong elements of action, observation, analysis and reflection offering participants a unique opportunity to integrate what they are learning to their place of work. To meet differing styles and working patterns these programs are offered through personal coaching supported by substantial on-line materials ULS invites you into an educational partnership that will empower you to reach your maximum professional capabilities.

Hiromasa Ami,


Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Leadership Studies (ULS) is to enrich local and global communities by providing educational opportunities, intellectual stimulation, and services of high quality to professionals striving to succeed in a diverse and dynamic society. The university's programs are rooted in the concepts of quality education and quality service and the commitment to point graduates to a leadership position in their field of choice. To accomplish this mission, CLS is committed to enhance student competencies by:

  • Providing working adults with higher educational and training opportunities that are flexible and accessible.

  • Providing higher educational and training opportunities that are current with technology and career demands.

  • Providing faculty members that have demonstrated expertise in, their respective domain, both professionally and  academically.

  • Integrating into the educational process a better understanding of cultural diversity needs.

  • Delivering educational support services that meet student life demands and schedules.

  • Building within students a value for life-long learning and education.

  • Teaching students how to evaluate, to analyze, and to synthesize information to become more skillful at creating solutions in a career environment.

  • Providing educational resources in a manner that effectively uses current technology.

  • Offering our programs at times and at places that are accessible to students off campus.


ULS's Masters and Doctorate degree programs were first developed by CLS Japan, a Leadership Training and Consulting Company who have practiced a unique method of case study and self-study originally developed in the USA then introduced to the Japanese community by combining the format of "case study"Eby "self-study". These degree programs were developed to serve working adults who are seeking higher educational and training opportunities for professional development and personal growth. Case study by self-study requires considerable effort on behalf of students who are encouraged to come up with their own ways of finding solutions and developing new ideas. This self-developed problem-solving ability is cultivated more by doing than by just by reading textbooks, and writing papers. As it has become easier and faster to acquire new and useful information via the internet, students can search for the necessary resource material from around the world as well as from the books and academic materials suggested by teachers.

The courses in master and doctorate programs will be conducted in English and Japanese, using traditional correspondence material methods, online discussions via email and electronic information access to enhance students' practical experiences within a virtual learning environment.

In the master program, students are expected to develop their original case studies that demonstrate their understanding and ability to apply what they have learned to their own communities.

In the doctorate program, students are expected to complete publishable graduate level textbooks from an original academic perspective, which contains the necessary related theories and cases.


Upon completion of education and training at the University of Leadership Studies, students should be able to:

  • Use the current technology within the context of their career.

  • Articulate a career path and plan to include a commitment to life-long learning.

  • Demonstrate the ability to work in a diverse cultural environment.

  • Communicate within their career field and clearly relate to their peers a practical knowledge of their professional understanding and discipline.

  • Demonstrate leadership and management skills relevant to their career field.

Institutional Approval

University of Leadership Studies is a private postsecondary institute approved to operate by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education.

School Code: 86815263

ULSfs degree programs are approved by the State Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education, and more information may be obtained from the Bureaufs website:  www.bppe.ca.gov

ULS offers unaccredited Masterfs of Leadership Studies (MLS) and Doctorate of Leadership Studies (DLS) degrees.

ULS is not accredited by an agency recognized by the United States Department of Education (USDE).Students and prospective students should know that a degree program that is unaccredited or from an unaccredited institution is not recognized for some employment positions, including, but not limited to, positions with the State of California.

Students enrolled in unaccredited institutions are not eligible for federal financial aid programs.

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