Conduct of Dissertation Project: Following approval of the dissertation proposal, participants will begin their research project. The dissertation may take the form of a traditional research project or it may be a major scholarly project of the type appropriate to the discipline. Whichever approach to the dissertation is chosen, the resulting project must demonstrate mastery of a body of knowledge in the field and represent a meaningful and original contribution to the betterment of the profession.

With an advisor, the student will identify an appropriate professional or academic outlet for publication, and the paper will be prepared and submitted to this outlet. Upon the student�s completion of the final tasks, and receipt of the needed records and documentation, the University will issue a letter of completion to the student. It will then make preparation for issuance of the transcript of record and diploma certificate.

Assessment: Core modules are usually assessed by written examinations; option modules are usually assessed by coursework assignments. The Dissertation enables students to develop and apply the concepts, skills and techniques acquired during the program in addressing a management problem or issue.