The purpose of this course is to write an approved doctoral dissertation proposal in the standard format containing the specifications required for doctoral research. The Research Proposal shall be a minimum of 20 double-spaced typewritten pages in length. The first half of the document shall be devoted to the background and literature review and the second half devoted to the design elements of the research study. The standard formats for dissertation proposals will be required, as set forth in this syllabus. Students begin by selecting a topic of interest and proceed to clearly define the problem statement and the research hypotheses/questions for their research. Students write a comprehensive review of the literature, including a review of other dissertation research related to their study. Students develop a design of their study with a discussion of the methodology to be used including selection of a sample, instrumentation and its testing, sources of data and the data collection process. Students describe how their data will be treated and analyzed and the significance and limitations of their study. Prerequisites: completion of a minimum of 42 required credits of coursework.